Transsexual Supermodel

Anna Alexandre



November 15, 1979 - February 21, 2007



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the World's Most Beautiful Transsexual?

A Tribute To Anna Alexandre








"I'm Alive" by Neil Diamond


Take a walk, you can hardly breathe the air;

Look around, it's a hard life everywhere.

People talk, but they never really care;

On the street, there's a feeling of despair.


But everyday, there's a brand new baby born;

And everyday, there's the Sun to keep you warm.

And it's alright, Yeah it's alright.


I'm alive, And I don't care much for words of doom;

If it's love you need, well I've got the room.

It's a simple thing that came to me when I found you.

I'm Alive.  I'm Alive.


Every night, on the streets of Hollywood;

Pretty girls want to give you something good.

Love for sale, it's a lonely town at night;

Therapy for a heart misunderstood.


But look around, there's a flower on every street;

Look around, and it's growing at your feet.

And everyday, you can hear me say

That I'm alive.


I wanna take all that Life has go to give,

All I need is someone to share it with;

I've got Love and Love is all I really need.

I'm Alive.  I'm Alive!



Two People that had One Wonderful Soul

by Rachel Davis

(  / (904) 359-4614)

The Florida Times-Union /  Wednesday, February 28, 2007


     In the end they mourned for two.  The shy boy who was born Jeffery Bryan Schley.  And the bold woman he became -- Anna Alexandre.




     The funeral at Jacksonville Memory Gardens in Orange Park on Tuesday honored the friend who many said became a rock for those in Jacksonville's gay, lesbian, and transgender communities.


"Two people that had One wonderful soul," said Dan Schley, her older brother.


     The one they called "Anna" died last Thursday after the 27-year-old's car veered off Interstate 95 into a tree, just south of Butler Boulevard.  The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the crash.



     Before graduating from Orange Park High School, the insecure teenager entered the world of drag at a local nightclub in the late 1990s.  He found acceptance there along with a best friend (China) and a "drag mother" or mentor (Sondra Todd).  Todd said he put make-up on Jeffery for his first drag pageant.




     Jeffery left town in 1998 for Las Vegas where he began the physical transition into Anna.  Although she never made a point to dwell on the negative, her friends and family said it was a lonely time for Anna.  "She really demonstrated an inner strength," China said.


Anna dabbled in stage performing in Vegas, China said, but never really had the confidence to pursue it.  She is included on Wikipedia's list of transsexual porn stars, presumably for her website ( that features video and photos of her transformed body.




     She was an entertainer, a model, a lover of fake eyelashes and blue jean skirts and "Princess" sandwiches from European Street in Riverside.  She adored hats and good hair and MySpace.  Many of the mourners told stories about how Anna much preferred laughs and lightheartedness to confrontation.




     "She had a sweetness about her," China said over a flower-laden casket.  She had a "very natural ability to be funny and not even know she was being funny."


Anna returned to Jacksonville about 2 years ago and reunited with friends.  She played in Five Points mostly, spending time at Fuel and the Starlight Lounge.  She talked about going to college and becoming a fashion photographer.  She was happy and comfortable with herself for the first time in her life, friends said.




Although he never really understood all the why's and how's of Anna's transition, brother Dan said the family remained supportive.


     "The one thing that helped me understand was that the same heart that was beating in Jeffery was the same heart that was beating in Anna.  And we loved her the same," Dan Schley said.




     When Anna returned, her parents were relieved to have their child home safely where they could watch over her and protect her.  Anna became an aunt to Dan's children and a sister-in-law to Dan's wife Gena.


Daniel and Joyce Schley got used to having a daughter around.  They called her "Annie".



Emotion In Motion  by Ric Ocasek (The Cars)

I would do anything

To hold on to you;

Just about anything

Until you pull through.

I'd hold on to you,

'til the stars on longer wink;

I'd hold on to you,

'til you figure out

just what to think, 'cause


You're emotion in motion,

My magical potion,

You're Emotion-in-Motion 

to me.

I would go anywhere

To meet up with you;

Just about anywhere

For one rendezvous.

I'd hold on to you,

'til the mountains crumble flat;

I'd hold on to you,

'til you figure out

just where you're at, 'cause


You're emotion in motion,

My magical potion,

You're Emotion-in-Motion  

to me.

I would do anything,  To hold on to you;  Just about anything,  That you want me to.

     I'd hold on to you,  'til you take it all in stride;  I'd hold on to you,  If you want to stay here

by my side, 'cause

You're emotion in motion,  My magical potion,

You're Emotion-in-Motion  to me.

 Goodbye Miss Anna Skye


     Many of us will remember Miss Anna Skye (Jeffery Schley).  Especially her wonderful performances at the Cherokee Club in Ybor City.  Our hearts go out to her family and many friends.


This was posted in the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION / "Law & Disorder" section":


Man killed when his car crashes into tree off I-95

         A 27-year-old was killed Thursday morning when his car veered off Interstate 95 into a tree according

         to the Florida Highway Patrol.  Jeffery Bryan Schley of Jacksonville was driving south on I-95 near

         Butler Boulevard around 11 a.m. when for unknown reasons he veered onto the shoulder, through a

         drainage ditch, and crashed into a tree according to the Highway Patrol.  Schley had been wearing

                                                                    his seat belt.


Feb 24 2007, 05:19 AM / 'Crimson Raider'  

I just woke up and got word from my friend in Orlando where Anna was residing that she dropped another friend off at her home late night on Wednesday and was then killed in a car accident.


I am needless to say shocked.  She was a very sweet girl.  She was also extremely beautiful.  I know she will be missed by many.


       She was also known as "Madison" in her early days and was a fave as an Internet model; had her own website; and starred in films.



Anna's MySpace page


Feb 24 2007, 09:19 AM / 'Vicki Richter'

Anna had a serious drug problem from what I knew about her.  It wasn't recreational.  It was bad.  When I met her a couple times, she could barely speak.  Then talking to her on the phone while she was with Carmen Cruz, she was totally out of her mind.  This was 2-3 years ago.  I hope that drugs had nothing to do with what happened to her.  I told her that she had to stop taking them in order to get her life together.


What I am posting here isn't "catty" or intended that way.  Basically, I feel like it could be a public service announcement.  So many girls in the sex industry (whether it be porn or escorting) get into drugs.  It is a tragedy what happened.  She was absolutely beautiful (gorgeous!) and to her friends a wonderful person.  Obviously they believed in her enough to stick by her.  She must have been a very sweet girl.  A very sad story.




 ● Feb 24 2007, 12:53 PM / 'achilles'

I posted this in the 'HA' thread.  But in light of what Vicki said, I think it bears repeating.


I rented a DVD with Anna with 2 guys.  They were pawing at her and she said something like "Don't you guys want to know my name?  I guess it doesn't matter..."


It might have been intended to be funny or "hot".  But it seemed like she was kind of sad.  There was definitely no joy in her.  That kind of stuck with me and comes back to me now.  Poor thing.

Birthday: November 15, 1979

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Birth location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Years Active: 1994-2005

Death: February 21, 2007

Measurements: 34D-26-36

Height: 5 feet, 7 inches (170 cm)

Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)

Hair color: Brown/Blonde

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Alias(es): Madison

No. of films: 4

Official Website :

Anna Alexandre Videos 

Anna Alexandre Free Galleries





"If I Could Be Where You Are" by Enya


Where are You this moment?

     Only in my dreams;

You're missing,

     but you're always a heartbeat from me.


I'm lost now without You,

     I don't know where You are;

I keep watching, I keep hoping,

     but Time keeps us apart.


Winter lies before me

     now You're so far away;

In the darkness of my dreaming

     the light of You will stay.


If I could be close beside You,

   If I could be where You are,

      If I could reach out and touch You

            and bring You back Home.


Is there a way I can find You?

    Is there a sign I should know?

        Is there a road I could follow?

            to bring You back home to Me.







02-24-2007, 06:31 AM / 'Ecstatic'

Anna -- a rare beauty -- died in an auto accident I think Wednesday night.  I remember when she first came on the scene (under the name "Madison") and I always thought she was a very beautiful woman.  I never met her.  And I am saddened now that I never will.


     Condolences to her friends and family.


02-24-2007, 07:45 PM / 'WillowQueen'

     I actually met her twice although I got a bad first impression as she was on some drugs and was really wigging out.  The second time she seemed a lot better but a little lazy.  And she was only 1 month younger than me.  It is very sad.



● 02-25-2007, 09:56 PM / 'tonka'

It is very sad about her death.  It is also kinda sad that in the news reports of the accident she is referred to as a man and that the funeral home has listed her under her old name.  I know that there are reasons (legal and clerical) for this.  And in a way, I guess it doesn't matter.  Just seems sad that she will not be remembered or recognized for who she really was.


     It was a shock to all when on Feb 22nd 2007, Anna was killed in an auto-accident in Florida where she’d recently returned to live.  She was age 27 and had a lot of plans for her future after returning home from an extended hiatus in Las Vegas.  She’s sadly missed in the TS community by her many friends and, of course, her fans.  These photos remain as a tribute to the beauty and character of such an incredible transgender model.



It was a shock to the whole Internet transgender community to receive the news that Anna Alexandre (also known as Madison) was killed in an auto accident in Orlando, Feb 22, 2007.


Anna was a striking, stunning model who had worked for a number of websites after first featuring on "Shemale Yum".  She had also appeared in DVDs and had her own website.


I’d met her on a couple occasions -- the most memorable being a night out in Las Vegas with Ivy, Allanah Starr, Saigon Lee, Madison, Video Bob (also deceased), and myself as we limo’d around Vegas hitting the hottest clubs.  Madison was well-known and we could skip the lines and get VIP entrance everywhere.  She was fun, accommodating, and turned heads everywhere we went.


     It was a shock to me to see such beautiful girl to be killed needlessly.  She had just started to get over some personal problems that she’d been having and that was part of her reason to return to live in Florida instead of Vegas.


     She will be missed.  Anna was 27 yrs old when she died.




(more Transsexual "Fallen Angels" died/murdered => )



"Sometimes When We Touch"  by Dan Hill

You ask me if I love you,

And I choke on my reply.

I'd rather hurt youhonestly

Than mislead youwith a lie.

And who am I to judge you

On what you say or do?

I'm only just beginning

To see the real You.


And sometimes when we touch,

The honesty's too much.

And I have to close my eyes and hide.

I wanna hold youtill I die,

Till we both break down and cry.

I wanna hold you

Till the fear in me subsides.



Romance and all its strategy

Leaves me battling with my pride.

But through the insecurity

Some tenderness survives.

I'm just another writer

Still trapped within my truths;

A hesitant prize-fighter

Still trapped within my youth.

And sometimes when we touch,

The honesty's too much.

And I have to close my eyes and hide.

I wanna hold youtill I die,

Till we both break down and cry.

I wanna hold you

Till the fear in me subsides.

At times I'd like to break you,  And drive you to your knees.

At times I'd like to break through,  And hold you endlessly.

At times I understand you,  And I know how hard you've tried.

I've watched while Love commands you, And I watched Love pass you by.

At times I think we're drifters, Still searching for a friend,

A brother or a sister, But then the passion flares again.

And sometimes when we touch, The honesty's too much, And I have to close my eyes and hide.

I wanna hold youtill I die, Till we both break down and cry.  I wanna hold you

Till the fear in me subsides.

This MySpace page is a dedication and a memorial to a great friend and a truly unique person -- Anna.  We lost her tragically on Thursday, February 22, 2007.  Those that had the opportunity to know her, knew how loving and how truly special of a person Anna was.  She will live forever in our hearts and in our minds.  Please use this page to send her and her family any messages that you wish.


    There will be a benefit on Saturday, February 24, 2007 at 616 in Riverside from 8:30-10:30pm.  Funeral arrangements have been made for Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at the Jacksonville Memory Gardens, 111 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, Florida (904) 272-2435.  The funeral will be held at 9:30am.







"Total  Eclipse  of  the  Heart" by Bonnie Tyler


    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit lonely

    and you’re never coming around;

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit tired

    of listening to the sound of my tears.

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit nervous

    that the best of all the years have gone by;

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit terrified

    and then I see the look in your eyes.

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I fall apart;

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I fall apart.

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit restless

   and I dream of something Wild;

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit helpless

   and I lying like a child in your arms.

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit angry

    and I know I got to get out and cry;

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I get a little bit terrified

    but then I see the look in your eyes.

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I fall apart;

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I fall apart.

    And I need you now tonight,

    And I need you more than ever;

    And if you’ll only hold me tight,

    We’ll be holding on Forever.

    And we’ll only be making it right

     Cause we’ll never be wrong together;

    We can take it to the end of the line,

   Your love is like a shadow on me all of the time;

      I don’t know what to do and I’m always in the dark,

   We’re living in a powder keg and giving off sparks.

     I really need you tonight,

     Forever’s gonna start tonight,

    Forever's gonna start tonight.

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I know

    you’ll never be the boy you always wanted to be;

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I know you’ll always be

    the only boy who wanted  me the way that I am.

    (Turn around)

    Every now and then I know there’s no one in the Universe

    as magical and wondrous as you;

    (Turn around)

     Every now and then I know  there’s nothing any better

    and there’s nothing I just wouldn’t do.

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I fall apart;

    (Turn around, bright eyes)

     Every now and then I fall apart.

     Once upon a time I was falling in love,

   But now I’m only falling apart.

     There’s nothing I can do…

   A Total Eclipse of the Heart.

     Once upon a time there was light in my life,

  But now there’s only love in the dark.

     Nothing I can say…

            A Total Eclipse of the Heart.

● Anna was a truly beautiful woman in so many ways.  Obviously beautiful on the outside.  But she also had a heart of gold and was always there to make you feel good.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends.  She will be sorely missed.





● Anna, this whole situation is extremely unreal to me.  I keep seeing a picture in my head of you, seeing that warm and beautiful smile.  The World has lost an amazing human being.  I will never know another person like you.  I was blessed to be so close to you and I will keep your spirit alive. You are in a better place than any of us now and your light will always shine.  -- XOXO, Jeff





"Lady, Lady, Lady"  from the movie Flashdance

Frightened by a dream,

   You're not the only one;

Running like the wind;

   Thoughts can come undone.

Dancing behind masks,

   Just subtle pantomime;

But images reveal

  Whatever lonely hearts can hide.

Lady, lady, lady,

   Don't walk this lonely avenue.

Lady, lady, lady,

  Let me touch that part of you,

        You want me to.

Lady, lady, lady,

   I know it's in your heart to stay.

Lady, lady, lady,

   When will I ever hear you say

           I Love You.

Time like silent stares

   With no apology;

Move towards the stars

   And be my only one.

Reach into the light

   And feel love's gravity,

That pulls you to my side

   Where you should always be.

Lady, lady, lady,

   Don't walk this lonely avenue.

Lady, lady, lady,

   Let me touch that part of you,

         You want me to.

Lady, lady, lady,

   I know it's in your heart to stay.

Lady, lady, lady,

   When will I ever hear you say

          I Love You.

● I love dearest Anna very much although our actual time together was short (but very intense, lol)!!!  I never knew you could come to care for someone so-o-o much in such a short time.  But I know we made an impression on each other.


    I have so many funny, crazy memories of beloved Anna-Priss.  Climbing a fence & rolling her stuff in a shopping cart to my trunk since she forgot the key to the gate at her apartment which she was moving out of.  "Ants in her pants" while having lunch at Venice Beach.  Lol, so funny!  Her plucking flowers from random bushes so all 3 of us could wear a flower in our hair.  Her completely re-doing my outfit one night to make it absolutely smokin!  You should have seen how proud she was at the transformation!!!  Bringing her to a photo-shoot (where she was absolutely incredible!) and her forcing me into shots with her because she wanted it to be fun for me too.  She thought we'd be so cute & sexy, lol...


     Well, those are just a few that I hold dear to me and show what a loving, funny, dynamic, fabulous woman she was.  She will be missed terribly!  But I look forward to seeing her again.   I Love You, Beautiful!!!  -- XOXO, Kat




10/12/29(Wed)19:20  No. 11826

     The life of a transgendered person is usually VERY tough.  I often find myself admiring their tenacity and strength of character that's required to live as they do.  But I never envy them.  Theirs is a rough ride indeed (no pun intended).  Most of them if not coming from already broken homes have to live apart from their families.  Usually they are scared every minute of every day about everything from "everyone can tell I'm a fake, they're laughing at me" to "my family and friends think I'm doing this by choice, that I'm a freak!"'


     So with constant pressure and that good old feminine trait of narcissistic-rivalry, T-girls get into a lot of trouble.  An entire life of struggle.  And not just for food or a roof but to be seen and accepted as who you are.


     Sucks, man.  I've had 3 ex-girlfriends commit suicide over the last 10 years because of how hard living that kind of life is and they can see no other way for release.  Really sucks.



       [note: this was written by a friend before her death; apparently Anna was having some weight issues since

                  her teenage 'Madison' years (perhaps like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson); 

                  just wondering if her hormone supplements could cause this?]


     Anna Alexandre has to try to focus on her problem rather than avoiding it.  She may try to avoid the issue by indulging her senses to keep from feeling the pain of a conflict.  Madison must be careful not to escape into food, alcohol, and drugs.




     Alexandre is capable of finding a highly-creative solution to any situation the minute she puts her mind to it.  The answer lies well within her grasp.



"The Flame"  by Cheap Trick

Another night slowly closes in,

And I feel so lonely;

Touching heat

freezing on my skin,

I pretend you still hold me.

I'm going crazy, I'm losing sleep,

I'm in too far,

I'm in way too deep

Over you;

I can't believe you're gone.

You were the first,

you'll be the last.


Wherever you go, I'll be with you;

Whatever you want,

I'll give it to you;

Whenever you need someone

To lay your heart

and head upon;

Remember after the fire,

after all the rain,

I will be the Flame;

I will be the Flame.

Watching shadows move

across the wall,

I feel so frightened;

I wanna run to you, I wanna call,

But I've been hit by lightning.

Just can't stand up

for fallin' apart,

Can't see through this veil

across my heart

Over you;

You'll always be the one.

You were the first,

you'll be the last.

Wherever you go, I'll be with you;

Whatever you want,

I'll give it to you;

Whenever you need someone

To lay your heart

and head upon.

Remember after the fire,

after all the rain,

I will be the Flame;

I will be the Flame.

     Anna/Skye/Madison was AMAZING!  She was and will always be my all-time favorite.  She was so gorgeous!  In pics as well as in person.  I met her when I was very young and she was so sweet.  She inspired me so much.  I knew her for a few years before her downward spiral.  Sad to have heard the news.  But she will never be forgotten!


    LOVE YOU, ANNA!  Thanks for everything!  -- XOXOXOXO, Celeste




DJ_Asia / 02/23/2007

     I'm at a loss...  Anna came into my life in L.A. a few years back.  She and I hung out quite a bit.  After the accident when she cut her arm up, she stayed with me at my house for a while to try and get her life squared away.  Times with Anna were always fun and crazy.  She was a very funny and creative girl with many aspirations.




     When I spoke to her recently, she had said she was back home.  I was very glad to hear that she was going to a place where she could perhaps be happy and healthy and safe.    Her lifestyle and habits have taken quite a toll on her.


     Anna, you always had a place in my heart.  You are safe now.



"I Will Remember You" by Amy Grant


    I will be walking one day

    Down a street far away,

    And see a face in the crowd and smile.

    Knowing how you made me laugh,

    Hearing sweet echoes of you from the past.

    I will remember you.

    Look into my eyes while you're near,

         Tell me what's happening here;

     See that I don't want to say good-bye,

         Our Love is frozen in tTme.

     I'll be your champion and you will be mine.

  I will remember you.

    Later on

 When this fire is an ember;

    Later on

 When the nights not so tender;

    Given time,

 Though it's hard to remember, Darlin',

    I will be holding,

      I'll still be holding to you.

       I will remember you.

    So many years come and gone

    And yet the memory is strong;

    One word we never could learn -


    True Love is frozen in Time,

    I'll be your champion and you will be mine.

     I will remember you.

    So please remember

   I will remember you …

I will remember you …

I will remember you …

                             I Will Remember You.

● FoxyAngel / 03-18-2008, 02:08 PM

     She is deeply missed.  Her car accident was a year ago and I took it very hard.  2 weeks before her death, she had called me and said she had moved back to Tampa and wanted to come over to Lauderdale and see me.  We had discussed me helping out her out with her website that she was ready to commit to it. She was a dear special friend and I deeply miss her.





● TSLoverUK999 / 02/27/2007

      OMG!!  Her beauty transcended all sexes.  She was exquisite.  The perfect woman!  This has upset me greatly even though I never met the girl or had any contact with her.  She has left a mark on my life.


     Anna, Allanah, Gia, and Tonya are the girls that opened my eyes to the sexual variety that this life has to offer.  Thanks to the exposure to Anna's work at the age of 19, it let me experience wonderful sexual highs; improve and create a more tolerant character to those who are "different"; and see beauty in places I would never thought possible.




     Some may view the above statement as over-the-top for what was for all intents and purposes an encounter with Internet pornography.  But it was eye-opening and I feel in the long-term made me sexually complete.  A tragic loss of someone who had so much more to give to this World.


                                                              R.I.P., Anna …

                                               … and Thank You !


"Unchained Melody"  by The Righteous Brothers


Oh, my love, my darling,

I've hungered for Your touch

     a long lonely time.

Time goes by so slowly,

     and time can do so much,

Are You still mine?



I need your love,

     I need your love,

God speed Your love to me!

Lonely rivers flow

    to the sea, to the sea,

         to the open arms of the sea.

Lonely rivers sigh,

   "Wait for me, wait for me!"

I'll be coming home,

    Wait for me!

Oh, my love, my darling,

I've hungered for Your touch

       a long lonely time.

Time goes by so slowly,

       and time can do so much,

Are You still mine?

                     Lonely mountains gaze,  at the stars, at the stars;  Waiting for the dawn of the day.

                         All alone I gaze,  at the stars, at the stars;  Dreaming of my Love far away.

                      Oh, my love, my darling,  I've hungered for your touch,  a long lonely time.

                         Time goes by so slowly,  and time can do so much.  Are you still mine?

                            I need your love,  I need your love.  God speed Your love to me!

 SCHLEY - Jeffery (Anna) Bryan Schley, age 27 of Jacksonville, FL passed away February 22, 2007.  He was born November 15, 1979 in Baton Rouge, LA, the son of Daniel Schley, Sr. and Joyce Shirk Schley.  Surviving in addition to his parents are his brother Daniel Schley, Jr. and his wife Gena; his nieces Emily and Kaylie Schley; and his aunt Judy Shirk; also many friends.


     Funeral services will be held on Tuesday February 27, 2007 in the chapel of Jacksonville Memory Gardens Funeral Home, 111 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park.  Jeffery will be laid to rest in the Garden of Prayer at Jacksonville Memory Gardens.  Family members and friends will gather from 10:00 AM until the hour of service at the funeral home.  Please sign the .



"You Only Live Twice"  by Nancy Sinatra

You only live twice,

  Or so it seems;

One life for yourself,

and one for your Dreams.


You drift through the years,

  and Life seems tame;

Till one dream appears,

  and Love is its name.

And Love is a stranger

 who'll beckon you on;

Don't think of the danger

 or the Stranger is gone.


This dream is for you,

 So pay the price;

Make one dream come true,

You Only Live Twice.



from Kelli at



     Though I never met Anna/Madison, my life's path has certain commonalities with hers.  That includes both the "good" and the "bad".  Sometimes the "bad" results from something you could have avoided (hindsight being 20/20).  And sometimes it's just not your fault ("in the wrong place at the wrong time").  But these personal demons can still haunt you later on regardless.


     It seems that when she made the decision to quit the "hard life" and return home, she finally found what was important to her.  And she was immensely blessed that she had such a wonderful accepting family.  Unconditional and supporting.  Love on both sides.


     I like to remember her for that.  Not for her stunning beauty but for that late decision to forgo fame at whatever cost and reclaim basic Love.  It certainly is tragic that she did not live long to see the fruits of that decision.  But her life, her story will inspire us all.  It was surely not wasted.  It's the journey through Life that's important and not so much reaching some pre-set goal or destiny.  The lives and souls that are touched and affected by your existence however brief or long, happy or tragic.  And I can't wait to meet her when my own mortal life is finished!



     The following is from a private email that I received from someone who was a client of Anna's:


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     Like many, I found 'Madison' from Florida photos online somewhere.  I could not believe them.  WOW!  I can't remember exactly how.  But I learned she was an escort and then found her ads online.  By following that, I learned she had moved to Las Vegas and was continuing to escort there.


     As luck would have it, I visited Las Vegas not long after.  I had a rental car and eventually managed to contact her late one night.  She agreed to let me come to her house and gave me directions.  It was late and dark.  But I was determined and headed to the other side of Vegas.  On the way there, I was very excited to see her and missed a minor turn in her directions.  I kind of panicked and accidentally drove the rental car right over a curb!  I was so lucky that I didn't get a flat or worse.  I got back on the right street and was soon parked out in front of her house.


     She was living with 2-3 other young and beautiful girls at the time.  My recollection is they were also TS (but I'm not 100% sure of that).  I think the 'Anna Alexandre 'name was already in use.  But she didn't seem to mind me calling her 'Madison' and/or 'Anna'.


     I was nervous.  She was spectacularly beautiful in person with nice curves.  Not super-skinny.  Definitely not chubby or fat.  Just smooth and curvy and perfect.  It was like the photos were not retouched or fake in any way.  She was very friendly, pleasant, with a good sense of humor.


     ... ... ...


     I returned to Vegas a few years later.  By this time, to a true follower like myself was clear that she was having serious problems.  She just didn't even look healthy in online photos or videos, especially compared to the robust person I had met.  I didn't care though as she was still spectacular and I could not wait to meet her again.  I again drove to her place which I think was an apartment she shared with another TS friend called 'Kelli'.  'Kelli' was a brunette.  They were both friendly and we talked a lot.


     Anna was scatterbrained or strung out.  She was trying to put on some makeup but was having trouble with it.  ... ... ...  But I did feel sad about her overall physical and mental condition.  I didn't feel positive about her future at all.  While that may be tough to read (it is tough remembering it now many years later), that is the truth.


     She was one-of-a-kind.  I've seen thousands of TS photos and videos online since then.  Very Very Few even come close.  I've probably been with about 50 TS's besides Madison/Anna and only 2-3 were even in the same league as her in her prime.  She was the TOTAL PACKAGE!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     > Thanks again so much for your kind response.  You are the only person who ever had firsthand knowledge of her to have responded to my request for more information.


     > I had tracked down her immediate family in Florida and sent them a letter offering them my insights as to why their son/brother transformed into 'Madison'/'Anna'.  The newspaper article seem to imply that there were lingering unanswered questions.  But (probably not surprising), I never got a response.  After all, I was just an unknown and they may have gotten tons of letters from others by that time and were hoping just to let time heal.


     > Then I thought maybe I would run into one of them if I spent a day at the cemetery site either on Jeffrey's/Anna's birthday or the date of her passing.  But that would be pushy and I'd rather wait to be invited.


     > Elton John recalled meeting Elvis Presley late in the latter's life.  He said he could tell right away that Elvis looked really poor because of drugs.  He said that he felt really sad.  I wonder how much of that and drinking led to Anna's decline and how much was due to ageing (the metabolic change when you exit your teenage years) and not dieting.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

     That's interesting about reaching out to the family.  Tough to say on that.  My guess is all families differ somewhat with their acceptance/support level of members going trans and/or porn/escorting.  Even if they very much loved and supported, might be some difficult memories.


     I used to have a DVD full of images I collected.  I had every one I could find of Anna, even those from her online escort ads before she moved to Vegas.  I had many photos of her and also many other T-girls I had been with.  I tossed it a few years ago.  I wish I had never done that.


     The most recent TS I saw was "TS Diana Love".  She is very beautiful in person.  A stunner for sure.  Not quite up to Anna's level but darn close.  But she did not have Anna's bubbly personality.


     There was another TS I saw once many years ago.  She was every bit as beautiful as Anna.  But I can't remember her name right now.  She also did not have Anna's personality. You could ask 1,000 guys if she was GG or TG and every one would guess GG (Genetic Girl).


     RIP Fair Maiden Anna Alexandre!




"The Rose"  by Bette Midler

   Some say Love, it is a river

          that drowns the tender reed.

   Some say Love, it is a razor

          that leaves your soul to bleed.

   Some say Love, it is a hunger,

          an endless aching need.

   I say Love, it is a Flower

          and You, its only seed.

   It's the Heart, afraid of breaking

          that never learns to dance.

   It's the Dream, afraid of waking

          that never takes the chance.

   It's the one who won't be taken,

          who cannot seem to give;

   And the Soul, afraid of dying

          that never learns to Live.

   When the night has been too lonely,

          and the road has been too long;

   And you think that Love is only

          for the lucky and the strong.

   Just remember in the Winter

          far beneath the bitter snow,

   Lies the seed that with the Sun's love,

                   in the Spring

                                    becomes the Rose. 


Anna Alexandre

November 15, 1979 - February 21, 2007
Rest in Peace



When I am gone, let me go,

     I live on in Life's eternal flow;

Don't tie yourself to me with tears,

     Be happy we had so many years.


You might never be able to guess

     how much you gave me in happiness.

Thank you for the love you have shown,

     but now it's time I traveled alone.


So mourn a while for me if you must,

     Your grief will be comforted by the trust

that it's only for a while we must part;

     So bless the memories within your heart.


I won't be far away, don't fear,

    Though you can't see me, I'll stay near;

If you listen with your heart, you will hear

    My love around you, soft and clear.


And then one day when you walk this aisle,

     only for an instant will you feel alone;

For I'll be there waiting with a smile

    saying "I've missed you.  Welcome Home."




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Anna's/Madison's Modeling Photo Shoots

late-teens as 'Madison' ; early-20's as 'Anna'


Shoot #1  (Madison)






Shoot #2  (Madison)







Shoot #3  (Madison)




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Shoot #5  (Madison)






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Shoot #7  (Madison)







Shoot #8  (Anna)




Shoot #9  (Anna)





Shoot #10  (Anna)





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Shoot #12  (Madison)





Shoot #13  (Anna)




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Shoot #15  (Anna)




Shoot #16  (Madison)




Shoot #17  (Madison)




Shoot #18  (Anna)




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Shoot #22  (Anna)






Shoot #23  (Anna)






Shoot #24  (Anna)





Shoot #25  (Madison)






Shoot #26  (Madison)








Shoot #27  (Madison)











Shoot #28  (Madison)





Shoot #29  (Madison)








Shoot #30  (Madison)





Shoot #31  (Madison)




Shoot #32  (Madison)












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   3. "Long-haired Dolly jerks at home"   =>  [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]     


   4. "Busty shemale babe is jerking off"   =>   [Web]     [download FlashPlayer .flv file]        


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