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                         The material depicts forced-sex role-playing fantasies.

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    In my wilder imaginative moments, I fantasized about being a "Damsel-in-

              Distress" or "Female-in-Peril" in different situations.  What follows

                     are crude attempts to convey these fantasies in the way of

                                              photo-manipulated images.


    One of the great female artists in my Erotic-Art Collection once told me that it

         was her experience that actual role-playing was never as good as she was

            imagining or hoping it would be.  She was holding out hope that perhaps

              someday she would have a satisfying rendezvous.


    With that in mind, I cannot say for sure that I would enjoy each and every one

          of these fantasies in an actual role-playing encounter.  I don't know until

          I tried it.  Of course, there are the usual concerns with regard to safety,

          disease, etc.  But I'm just "testing the waters" to see if anyone would be

            interested.  If I ever do something like one of this, you would probably 

                never see it because the other persons would want their identities

                                           kept private.  Or so I guess.


      There have been some recent laws that were designed to protect underaged

        minors from being exploited.  As best as I understand them, any real photograph

               that depicts an explicit sexual scene (e.g., intercourse) has to have the

                actor/actress' names/ages/addresses on-file with that posting website's

              "Keeper of the Records".  This is so that law enforcement agencies can

                            check on what might appear to be an underaged minor.


      This does not apply (again, as best as I interpret it) to scenes such as nudity,

          bondage, photo-manipulations, etc.  And some officials have exceeded their

         duties by using these laws to obtain the street addresses of the actors/actresses

         for purposes of dating.  It is of no surprise that many lawsuits are pending in the

                           courts on principles such as invasion of privacy.


      The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in February, 2002 that artwork (including cartoons,

            3D "poser" art, manipulations etc.) was considered "fantasy" and protected

                                                 under Freedom of Speech.


    In addition, "child on-line protection" laws (ca. 1998) which required websites to

          ascertain the age of a browser have been in legal limbo pending many appeals. 

          The courts favor parents installing "filtering" software on their kids'  computers

          so as to not infringe upon  Free Speech  rights of adults . 


      If something "fell through the cracks" or new laws have been passed and a law

        enforcement agency thinks it is illegal, e-mail me using your official letterhead at


        or e-mail my website host ( with reference to the actual

        images.  No need to make the proverbial "federal case" out of something when

               it can be quickly resolved.  I figure that if I make things easier for you,

                                           the same will be extended to me.


        <= the difference between real-life Violence and Fantasy Adult Role-Playing

        <= suspension of the 1998 child on-line protection act pending court appeal




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