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     In my wilder imaginative moments, I fantasized about being a "Damsel-in-Distress"

  or "Female- in-Peril" in different situations.  What follows are crude attempts to convey

 these fantasies in the way of photo-manipulated images in an effort to find selected

 Adult partners who would like to participate in these role-playing adventures.


               ... ALWAYS  among  consenting  Adults  who  are  bored  with  everyday  life ...




  Kelli/Stephanie/Pamela in Peril -and- Distress  <CLICK>  on any photo to see samples


           Lesbian Dominations                the Bastards RAPED Me !                       Humiliations   


       1       2       3       4       5           1     2     3     4     5     6     7        1      2      3       4       5      6      7     8      9 


         I N T E R R A C I A L               Who Are We ....                                Girl - to - 'Grrl'       


     1       2       3       4       5       6               ....  really  ????                            1               2               3             


        Forced  to  SUCK                               Our  GANG-BANGS              Rapings of  Us & Our Girlfriends  


         1          2          3           4                    1           2           3           4              1       2       3       4        5       6    



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