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  Alien  Slyme-Tyme       # 3


  While photographs of real-time violent or underaged sex are -- and should be! -- illegal

      in any country, these Collections of Erotic Drawings, Role-Playing Enactments, and

      Photo-Manipulations are presented as harmless Fantasies for Mature Adults.  These

      were archived from past Yahoo, MSN, Excite, and Lycos  adult groups.  Some of 

      these are listed at  <LINKS>  .   They were first featured in major  public Adult sites

      like .  Questions regarding names, ages, and addresses of models can

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  Photo-Manipulations are realistic combinations of multiple separate images into a

      single one (fake).  All models posing in these photo-manips or actual sexual photo

      scenes were certified to be 18-or-older by their agencies.  Any captions on the image

      or above/below as subtitles are entirely fictitious and have no real-life relationship to

      the image itself.  We do NOT tolerate child pornography here.


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  This archive was started in 2000 for the  intent of inspiring imaginations  for Adult

      Role-Playing.  The difference between Reality and Fantasy is aptly noted in this

      this well-researched article by an MSNBC news reporter =>  Fetishism 


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    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


211 - Alien  Impregnation     

  a supermodel squirms in pain & humiliation as she feels fertile alien slyme ooze up her vagina 


611 - 

 612 -   







209 - Creature  Molestation  

216 - Alien  Humiliations   


 an ex-boyfriend drugged her & tossed her

  into a private chamber with a horny "pet" 

  hundreds of dwarf entities 

                             set upon an isolated Earth bitch  


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


221 - Robot  Sodomy    

222 - Insectoid  Inseminations  


 a  WHORE  is  paid  to  test  an  experimental

ASSault-Robot's  ability  to  degrade  & abuse  her

  a  mad  scientist  experiments  

                          with   his  own  daughter-bitch  !!  


230 - Alien  Rapings  

233 - Creature  Inseminations & Sodomization  


 a  schoolgirl loses her virginity ...

                       ...  and then some  !!  

   a  slightly-immobilized  Sweet-16  endures  

           unthinkable  atrocities  to  her  young   fertile  body  


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     



300 - Alien  Sodomization 

301 - Bug  Attack 

302 - Alien Rape 


 the first of many of its sex organs

 enters where it's not supposed to ! 

  a  living  nightmare  for   the

             ex-wife  of  a  crazed  scientist 

  a  bitch  chooses 

        to   submit 


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


309 - Pygmy  Gang-Rape 

310 - Creature  Breeding 


 immobilized ... and then "used" ! 

  she wandered into strange territory during its mating season 


306 - Creature  Insemination 

307 - Botanical  Rapings 

308 - Alien  Fuck 


  no sooner did she have her first

  "period"  then  this  happened !!! 

  a  school  field-trip  turns

          into  a  Raping  Hell  ! 

       alien  horniness 

   knows  no  age  limit   



315 - Creature  Fuck 

312 - Alien  RAPE 

313 - Alien  Breedings 


 punk rocker gets it ! 

 female warrior loses the fight

 (now do you believe, you Whore?!) 


314 - Monster  Assault 

322 - Plant  Rape 

316 - Alien  Impregnation 


 whose  wife  are  you ?? 

 enchanted  perversions 

 slut turned into alien whore


324 - Alien  Breeding  {1-of-2} 

325 - Alien   Breeding  {2-of-2}  


   an  astronaut  wrecks  on  a  foul  planet  at  the  height  of  its  inhabitants'  breeding  season  !!!   



326 - Alien  Whore 

349 - Monster  R-A-P-E 

331 - Alien  Gang-Rape


 a  wife  takes 

            a  new "husband"  

 another  young  whore 

   lost  in  the  fucking  woods 

  to  the  victors

                              go  the  spoils  !  


  332 - Alien   Gang-Bang   

  a  brutal  way  for  a  young  maiden  to  emerge  into  womanhood  



333 - Alien  Slut 

     334 - Alien   Breedings     


 a  captured  wife-slut 

           accepts  her  fate 

  Revenge  of  the  Nerds  -  Part  ???   : 

    turn  the  sorority  coeds  who  rebuffed  them  over  to  their  "pets" 


  341 - Alien   Mass Breedings  

   futuristic  depiction  of  the  enslaving  of  the  human  female  species  


342 - Creature  Butt-Fuck  {1-of-2} 

343 - Alien   Sodomization   {2-of-2} 


  while  a  mother  is  getting  her  rectum  impaled,  fellow  creatures  are  "pokin"  her  bitch  daughter 


344 - Alien  Breeding  

    345 - Robotic  Insemination     


  inhuman  species  monitor  their 

      cross-breeding   progress 

  a  wife  was  arbitrarily  chosen  for  her  perceived  fertility 

    and  then  subjected  to  hours  of  alien  sperm  donations


240 - Monster  Sodomizations  

227 - Creature  Tortures   


 a  Whore-Bitch  gets  poked

                                           at  BOTH  ends !   

   a  whore  endures  the  first   

                            of  MANY  degrading  acts ! 


231 - Alien  Examinations {1-of-3}  

232 - Alien  Examinations {2-of-3} 



242 - Alien  Examinations {3-of-3} 

        Earth  wives  suffer  degrading  physical  exams  by  their  alien  abductors   


247 - Creature  Impregnation  

249 - Tentacle   Fertilizations 


 a  wife-under-attack  

               just  wants  to  get  it  over  with  ! 

   another  whore  paying  

           a  humiliating  price  in  degradation 


241 - Creature  Impregnation   

   a  Science  Teacher  obviously  underestimated  the  mating  urges  of  this  'thing'  


237 - Creature  Breeding  

238 - Alien  Impregnations  


 somebody's  wife  suffers  the

              humiliation  of  being  impregnated  

  non-stop  Forced-Breeding  

                          on  an  alien  spaceship  


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


250 - Alien  Impregnation   

251 - Alien  Rape 

252 - Alien  Capture 


 a  young  punk-rocker  is  "probed"

                               and  deeply  inseminated  ! 

 a  whore  gets  what

      she  deserves !

  a teenager is paralyzed

   while asleep in her bed


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


255 - Monster   R-A-P-E     

262 - Monster   Insemination  


 a  semi-drugged  whore  feels  nothing  as  

                'IT'  starts  to  impregnate  her !  

 a  giant  mutated  "slug"  mates  with  a

           very  unwilling  female  whore 


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


274 - Alien Breeding {1-of-2} 

265 - Alien Breeding {2-of-2} 


   a  Slut-Daughter  and  her  WHore-Mother  getting  breeded  ........  the  HARD  WAY  !!!    


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


271 - Monster  Breeding  

276 - Alien  Assault 


 a  hideous  monstrosity  takes  HOURS 

 to "knock-up" its  captive  Earth whore-slut 

  unnatural  acts  being  committed

                      on  someone's  little  girl   


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     


283 - Alien  Gang-Impregnations 

284 - Monster  Rape 


  this  former  X-files  investigator  suffers 

           long-overdue  alien  revenge

   a  whore  is  too  weak  from  hunger  to  fight  

         of  an  entity  insistent  on  breeding  her


    Alien Slyme-Tyme     




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296 - Alien  Sodomization  

297 - Monster   Impregnation 


 another  filthy  whore

                 gets  it  up  her  tight  ASS  !!  

  a  sleazy  slut  receives

                                           her  just  desert  !  


295 - Alien  Raping      

  trying  to  draw  "milk"  from  her  useless  tits  as  IT  impregnates  her  womb  


  885 - 

  886 -  

 887 -  






298 - Alien  Inseminations - 1 

299 - Alien  Inseminations - 2  


     two  sisters  getting  vaginally -and- anally  ravaged  and  inseminated  !!!   


          Star Wars  Whores         













  745 -   

  746 -  





    747 -    



  878 - 

  879 -  

 880 -  






     Alien  Sodomization     



  Doc Savage ("Man of Bronze") survived many dangers in battling the World's most fantastic death weapons.  Against his wishes, his beautiful cousin Patricia sometimes accompanied him.  But what happened to her was something that she always kept secret from Doc. 

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