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              note :  what  follows  are  MY  OWN  personal  kinky  tastes/fantasies .

  If I did not include something YOU are interested in,

                                                          it has nothing to do with "prejudices" on my part !


The material below are considered ADULT hardcore XXX in most communities.

                 The material depicts Forced-Sex role-playing fantasies and artwork.

                            We certainly do NOT condone this in REAL-LIFE  ...

                                  ... only as role-playing "games" between consenting Adults.


                         We also do not display any child pornography photographs.


      The actors and actresses in the rehearsed photos are over 18.  The anime/hentai/

              cartoon/3D images depict sexual fantasies of many adults and -- as strictly

                   drawings of erotic art -- are harmless and (at one time) were not

                        subject to any legal restrictions.


      (But having stated that, if any image is judged to be illegal by a newer law, please

        contact me at and it will be removed.  All of these images

        were retrieved from "free" public (i.e., non-paysite) websites.  Some have a massive

        collection from fake-celebrity-sex to BDSM to incest to bestiality images [such as ].  I assume that if these somewhat-realistic images were illegal, the

        legal authorities would have had them removed a long time ago.  But they are

        still there and so I am using them here and saving you a lot of web-surfing time.)



       But if you are under 21 or are not permitted to view such material by the laws of 

               of your locality/community ,  or if you have difficulty separating reality

          from Adult fantasies, or if you are offended in general by Adult sexual themes,

                                  you are NOT permitted to go any further here and


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       ( I didn't know there were that MANY kinky people out there in the world .

                               Thank all of you for reassuring me that I'm not alone -- LOL !!! )


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  SuperHeroines &  Stuck-Up Earth Bitches 


 While photographs of real-time violent or underaged sex are -- and should be! -- illegal

      in any country, these Collections of Erotic Drawings, Role-Playing Enactments, and

      Photo-Manipulations are presented as harmless Fantasies for Mature Adults.  These

      were archived from past Yahoo, MSN, Excite, and Lycos  adult groups.  Some of 

      these are listed at  <LINKS>  .   They were first featured in major  public Adult sites

      like .  Questions regarding names, ages, and addresses of models can

      be accessed via the '18 U.S.C. 2257 Statement'  (e.g., the "Keeper of the Records"

      at -or- ).


  Photo-Manipulations are realistic combinations of multiple separate images into a

      single one (fake).  All models posing in these photo-manips or actual sexual photo

      scenes were certified to be 18-or-older by their agencies.  Any captions on the image

      or above/below as subtitles are entirely fictitious and have no real-life relationship to

      the image itself.  We do NOT tolerate child pornography here.


  Any Artwork (regardless of age or content) was ruled 'Fantasy' by the U.S. Supreme

      Court (Feb 2002).  In addition, "child on-line protection" laws (ca. 1998) which

      required websites to ascertain the age of a browser have been in legal limbo pending

      many appeals.  The courts favor parents installing "filtering" software on their kids'

      computers so as to not infringe upon  Free Speech  rights of adults =>   article   . 


  This archive was started in 2000 for the  intent of inspiring imaginations  for Adult

      Role-Playing.  The difference between Reality and Fantasy is aptly noted in this

      this well-researched article by an MSNBC news reporter =>  Fetishism 


  However, if such images are not permitted in your locale or you are under legal age ,

                         then    ***   PROCEED  NO  FURTHER ***


   Furthermore, if you are an official law enforcement agency and feel that some images

           violate a current law, please  e-mail me  and/or  my website host   and   those

           images will be promptly deleted.   Some may inadvertently have "fallen through

           the cracks" in haste.  (note: there have been many "assistant webmasters"  here.) 


   That way, hopefully I can make both my life and yours easier and keep all concerned

           out of unnecessary trouble.  (We are very easy to work with here.) 


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   Alien Impregnations        Alien Impregnations       Rebecca's Wives At  Play      Ravage  SuperGirl  !   


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                   Abolish Virginity !                  Abolish Virginity !       Abolish Virginity !         What A MESS !


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                           Make  It  HURT !!                                        Girly-Boys                          Girly-Boys           


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     WonderWoman Porked !       Erotic Fantasy-Art               Girls-in-HEAT              Puppie  "Love"   


        1      2       3      4             1    2    3    4    5    6    7         1    2    3    4    5    6    7        1     2     3     4     5   

            5      6       7      8             8    9   10                              8    9   10  11                          6     7     8    

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   Rape ALL Whores !!!       Rape ALL Whores !!!          Rape ALL Whores !!!        Rape ALL Whores !!!


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