Kelli-Stephanie-Pamela's  Forced-Sex  role-playing Fantasies  - "Who Am I ... really??"  (E-1)



  'Kelli Taylor'   -  a "Girlie-Boy"  TV / CD / MTF 

   'Stephanie Taylor'  -   female impersonator model

   'Pamela Taylor'           very small-boned,  5'10",  120# 

  - appeared in magazine ads for women's exercise &


  - non-smoker / non-drinker / never used any drugs / 

       no piercings / no tattoos / no hormones / no silicone inj.

  - COMPLETELY smooth-shaven over my ENTIRE body !

  - IBM mainframe programmer


       I'm no different than other males in that we are all attracted to the same girls.   You know -- the kind you see in the movies but don't exist in real life.  And if you do get lucky and find one "trashy-hot", chances are  (1) you don't have enough money,  ( 2) you aren't good-looking enough to date her,  or (3) you'll find out that no matter how "wild" she dresses, her "bark" is a lot worse than her "bite".

       When you're single, ALL you do is think about SEX.  Hobbies can help.  But like cold showers, they get old fast!  You rent XXX movies.  You go to strip clubs.  You may even buy an inflatable doll.  But none of that works for long and  usually you end up in a relationship you didn't really want in the first place.

       Like Captain Kirk, I never believed in "no-win" situations.  I have found a  "solution".  It works for me but only because I'm small-boned, tall&skinny,  and have a female model's physique.  I let my sexual fantasies come alive in  the REAL WORLD by becoming my own "Fantasy Girl".

     At first, it was hard to  do because I'm NOT 'bi' or 'gay'.  And it started slowly as I got my nerve up  more-and-more.  In the beginning, it was just doing impersonations on stage.  Next, it was some photo-shoots and modeling.  Then it was going "public" for limited times.  But like the cold showers, these activities soon became boring and they were doing nothing to satisfy my sexual needs.

       So I took the next step -- meeting people as their "dream slut".  I never had  any acting training (indeed, most of what I've learned in any endeavor has been  on-my-own through trial-and-error).  But if you can let this alter-personality  "channel" into your psyche, it's not all that hard.  And (the MAJOR point)  I do "get off"!  Just like those who are doing "it" to me.

      Now some will say that's sick and so on.  But most of them are already married and therefore not on the "playing field" anymore.  I usually respond to my detractors with "if you don't play the 'game', you sure-as-hell can't make the rules"  -or-  "what is one's 'meat' is another's 'poison'  ".  It's just an interim substitute for the time-being.  Others like Howard Hughes, J. Edgar Hoover, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Eddie Murphy, Patrick Swayze, Wesley Snipes, and Johnny Depp have spent some time acting out their female counterparts.  So I stand in good company.

       Most of the people (men AND women) who approach me are experiencing sexual boredom.  And most are 'straight'.  In fact, 'gay' men and women tend NOT to "like" me in a sexual manner.  Bi-guys like me only if I screw them (which I NEVER do, so don't even ask that!).  Bi-girls do like me.  But while their husbands don't mind them with another female, they would get upset if they discovered the 'female' was a male after all!

      Now none of these people are planning on leaving their mates or boy/girl-friends for anyone else.  For whatever reason, they were pushed to some "brink" and needed a brief interlude to relieve their passions.  Sue them for being human.  And if either they (or I) could find the "real" thing (even if we had to "pay" for a hooker), we would.  I know I'm not what they REALLY want.  And they are not what I really want myself.

     It's a compromise -- a last-ditch emergency solution.  But one which everyone seems to have a lot of FUN with and goes home "drained" and satisfied !

















      My particular fetish is Forced-Sex scenarios.  Of course nobody wants to see that in real-life.  And I would be the first to come to anyone's aid.  Stephen King is probably a very nice guy personally.  Yet he has a talent for writing stories replete with all sorts of nasty things done to his victims that is entertaining to many fans. Again it's a FANTASY and not what any sane person would want to witness in real life.  This is hard for females to understand.  They like the fantasies shown on romance novel covers whereas men like visions of sophisticated females bound-up on detective mags.  Of course, we don't let our wives/girlfriends know any of our fetishes/fantasies if we want to go on living a normal life with them!

       But I'm tired of just reading/watching stuck-up pretty girls get ravished !  I'd like to enact that out in "real" life through ROLE-PLAYING GAMES among counsenting adults.  If I can't find a girl who shares the same fetish, I'll "become" her and live these expeiences through the "back door" if I have to.  And from the FLOOD of e-mails I've received, there are a LOT of guys out there with the same fantasies. (Which doesn't really surprise me ... at least they're being honest !)

       As a 'girl, I am ALWAYS on the "bottom" with a guy.  I can be on "top" with a female or in the "middle" with a couple.  I NEVER SCREW GUYS (even with a strap-on).  I don't want to be hit/spanked so hard it leaves marks or redness.  I will have to know someone a while before I let them tie me up.  I do like being taunted/sworn-at verbally as they do all sorts of "nasty" things to me.  My PRIMARY CONCERN is disease.  I don't have anything AT ALL and intend on staying that way!  I've passed up on lots of opportunities because I had doubts when I actually met a potential "rapist".  So what I actually YOU "do" depends ...





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