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 the World's Most Beautiful Transsexual ?

                                   a Tribute to Anna Alexandre   (R.I.P.)


                                                                              (updated 04/07/2011)


            a Male Lingerie Model  (Andrej Pejic)



     Kimber James / transsexual model-pornstar

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      <<== "Ladyboy" Flight Attendants


    <<== Elizabeth/George - a rock music writer

                             switches gender and experiences 

                                  the Good and Bad of Life


    <<== Angelina Jolie biography



    <<== K-Pop South Korean girl-band undergoes

                        extensive plastic surgery for music video 



    <<== Depressed? Overworked? Unappreciated? 

                     Now finally ...  a PILL for you that works !!! 


      <<== Eat Your Way to Great Sex !


    <<== "America Unzipped!" -- a 6-part series by MSNBC

           writer Brian Alexander into sexuality in America today


     <<== The Top-Ten Times in History when use of the "F"-word was justified !

                                ( it is formatted as a MS-WORD document )


    <<== Everybody knows guys at work or school they don't like.  The next time one of

                             them misses work or skips practice, send this excuse to their boss or coach.

                             I "doctored" it up a bit from its original form which appeared as an

                             honest-to-God excuse written by a bricklayer to his employer in England

                             and was reported to the public in the Manchester Guardian newspaper. 

                             Substitute the sender's and recipient's name where appropriate.

                         Guaranteed to land somebody in the boss's doghouse!  Can't miss !


     <<== ... and lest we be accused of being sexist, here's one to spoil the reputation of

                  that woman who you just can't stand.  Just substitute her name on the letter.  The

                  "Good Reverend" already signed it.  The trick with this is do not send it to her

                  directly.  Send it unsealed to someone else who will deliver it to her ...

                                               ... but only after getting an eyeful ! 

                  Hey!  It worked for me !        And boy was she ever pissed  ...  !!!


     <== "Perils" of DATING in modern times are explained in this article that

                         appeared in a local underground tabloid.  Written with a witty and

                         sometimes-satirical tone, it is humorous and brutally-honest all the same time!


    <<== a "Performance Appraisal" Guideline Table

                            (feel free to substitute the name of some company

                                                and the job titles within that business)



    <<== the Difference between Men and Women


    <<= the Top-10 Things NOT to say in

                           a Victoria's Secret lingerie store


    <<= songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show


   <<== when Sex is not so private

                        (i.e.,"Big Brother is watching)


      <<== Suing_For_Sex


    <<= what Men want in the Bedroom ...

                                           ... and Beyond !


    <<== Male-to-Female Transsexual Gene found


    <<= Female Execs in the Adult porn industry


    <<= "All the SEX You Want for one Fixed Rate"


    <<== Science with Prostitution


   <<== SciFi-theme Brothel in Nevada


    <<= 10 Diet Myths that pack on pounds


   <<== Monogamy is unnatural


    <<= Amsterdam 'Red Light' District


   <<== BDSM/Fetish national conventions


    <<= Exhibitionism


   <<== Policewoman Hooker


    <<= "Common" Sexual Fantasies


   <<== What I've Learned From Watching Years Of Porn



Transsexual Supermodel 

                    Anna Alexandre

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