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     Windows IE views video files without automatically downloading like Google Chrome.


     If you're using Windows Internet Explorer, <clicking> on any of the video clips below will open up a small window where the clip will be downloaded to.  Be patient as it is buffering (downloading).  You can then <click> the small square in the upper corner to maximize the window (alternatively you can <click> on the lower corner of the window and drag it).  The file will not automatically be saved to your PC.


     If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, <clicking> on any video clip will cause the file to be automatically downloaded to your PC.  (You can go to Tools=>Settings=>Advanced Settings to require Chrome to ask you everytime where do you want the file to be saved.)  The lower left-hand corner of your screen will show the download progress.  Once finished, you can <click> to Open the file.


     I know of no way to force the latest versions of Chrome to just "view" the file like Windows-IE and not automatically download.  (If you know of one, email me at kelli@hotlegsinlove.com .)  I also don't know how other browsers like Firefox handle this.




         Video  Clips   from my Modeling  Sessions 


   (Remember to allow 1-2 minutes for a video to download/buffer [see above] )



       online: O.mpg                             online:B.mpg                                                   online: E.mpg  



        online: F.mpg                                        online: A.mpg                                             online: G.mpg   



                online: H.mpg                             online:  C.mpg                                 online: D.mpg   



                 online: L.mpg                              online: M.mpg                             online:  N.mpg  



      online: I.mpg                                     online: J.mpg                                                    online:  K.mpg 



   Also checkout the digital "snapshots" made from this camcorder footage ==>>  Modeling Album 



   Video  Clips   Role-Playing  XXX Sessions 


      Whore-Training 101     online: P.mpg                       Two Whores At Play        online: Q. mpg  


                Whore Degradation/Humiliation/Discipline    (breeded by a dog)            online: R. mpg  



"Free The Breasts" march in

Charleston, WV 06/24/2017


         online: Z. mpg  



Alien - Monster - Tentacle Rapings =>   URL-.doc    URL-.pdf




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         Transsexual Supermodel Anna Alexandre




    These were found on the Web.  When you <click> on [Web], you will be able to see the video on

  that site's Adobe FlashPlayer.  I have made the .flv files available for download  to store on your

  PC (in case the [Web] site ever goes away.  Note that WindowsMediaPlayer cannot play them.

  The  best media player I have ever found is VideoLan.  It is absolutely free with no adware or

  malware.  And it can play ANY  video/audio file in ANY format.  It can be downloaded here.

  Just <click> on the .exe file to install it on your computer.   It will be   one of the best things

  you've ever done.  (I tried using VideoLan's 'Convert/Save' option to convert the .flv files to

  .mpg or .mp4 .  But there was a loss of clarity and resulting pixelation.  Best just to install the

  VLC player to play the  .flv file if you don't already have FlashPlayer on your PC.)


   1. "Anna Alexandre Behind The Scenes"   =>  [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]    


   2. "Beautiful Tranny stripping outdoors and jerking"  =>  [Web]  [download FlashPlayer .flv file]


   3. "Long-haired Dolly jerks at home"   =>  [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]     


   4. "Busty shemale babe is jerking off"   =>   [Web]     [download FlashPlayer .flv file]        


   5. "Skinny blonde shemale Anna Alexandre jacking big cock"  =>   [Web]      


   6. "Busty blonde tart gets lavish facials"  =>    [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]   


   7. "Sweet blonde T-babe plugged"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]     


   8. "Trans X4 - Anna Alexandre"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]       


   9. "3-some with busty blonde Shemale"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]     


 10. "2 hot TS chicks and dude fuck"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]    


 11. "Busty Tranny gives skillful blowjob"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]      


 12. "Pretty Transsexual is burning with a sexual desire"  =>  [Web]  [download FlashPlayer .flv file]


 13. "2 Shemales gets facial after 3-some"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]    


 14. "3-way fucking for sexy Ladyboy"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]     


 15. "Busty blonde T-girl is skillful at sucking"  =>   [Web]    [download FlashPlayer .flv file]     


   Anna's Photo Page ==>>  AnnaXXX.htm 


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         "Forced-Sex" Clips from Movies 

 Note:  You can always view a large amount of porn videos online.  For example,

    Google "YouTube forced sex"   or  "YouTube alien sex anime OR toon".



(Remember to allow 1-2 minutes for a video to download/buffer [see browsers above] )



"Debbie Does Dallas"             "Foxholes"                       "Angel"                       "Revenge for a Rape"

   online: ClipAV.mpg         online: ClipCN.mpg         online: ClipAB.mpg         online: ClipAF.mpg  



     "Sudden Death"             "A Dirty Western"             movie: {? ? ? ?}                 movie: {? ? ? ?}

    online: ClipAL.mpg         online: ClipAK.mpg         online: ClipBO.mpg           online: ClipAZ.mpg  



           "Lipstick"                   "The Hideous Dwarf"                 "Joy"                                "Joy"

   online: ClipCL.mpg               online:ClipCF.mpg        online: ClipCC.mpg       online: ClipCB.mpg 



 "The Scavengers"                "The Scavengers"              movie: {? ? ? ?}               movie: {? ? ? ?}

      online: ClipCJ.mpg           online: ClipCI.mpg         online: ClipBZ.mpg          online: ClipBW.mpg 



  "Hannie Caulder"          "Eyes of a Stranger"     "Eyes of a Stranger"        "A Clockwork Orange"

   online: ClipBT.mpg         online: ClipBQ.mp         online: ClipBM.mpg            online: ClipAA.mpg 



     movie: {? ? ? ?}            "Jackson County Jail"           movie: {? ? ? ?}                movie: {? ? ? ?}

 online: ClipBP.mpg              online: ClipBI.mpg          online: ClipBE.mpg          online: ClipBA.mpg 



"A Clockwork Orange"       movie: {? ? ? ?}               movie: {? ? ? ?}                "A Clockwork Orange"

   online: ClipAC.mpg         online: ClipAD.mpg        online: ClipAE.mpg             online: ClipAG.mpg 



          movie: {? ? ? ?}                "Sudden Death"               movie: {? ? ? ?}                movie: {? ? ? ?}

   online: ClipAH.mpg              online: ClipAI.mpg          online: ClipAJ.mpg        online: ClipAM.mpg 



      "Death Wish 2"               "Matt Helm"              "Death Wish 2"                "Sudden Death"

   online: ClipAN.mpg        online: ClipAO.mpg      online: ClipAP.mpg            online: ClipAQ.mpg 



        movie: {? ? ? ?}            movie: {? ? ? ?}         "Behind the Green Door"  "Behind the Green Door"

   online: ClipAR.mpg         online: ClipAS.mpg          online: ClipAT.mpg            online: ClipAU.mpg 



  "Eyes of a Stranger"        movie: {? ? ? ?}                movie: {? ? ? ?}                    movie: {? ? ? ?}

   online: ClipAW.mpg       online: ClipAX.mpg       online: ClipAY.mpg              online: ClipBB.mpg 



   movie: {? ? ? ?}              movie: {? ? ? ?}              "I Spit On Your Grave"      "I Spit On Your Grave"

 online: ClipBC.mpg      online: ClipBD.mpg            online: ClipBF.mpg            online: ClipBG.mpg 



             movie: {? ? ? ?}               "Behind The Green Door"  movie: {? ? ? ?}          movie: {? ? ? ?}  

       online: ClipBH.mpg                   online: ClipBJ.mpg      online: ClipBK.mpg   online: ClipBL.mpg 



     "Death Wish 2"                 movie: {? ? ? ?}                       movie: {? ? ? ?}               movie: {? ? ? ?} 

   online: ClipBN.mpg           online: ClipBR.mpg             online: ClipBS.mpg       online: ClipBU.mpg  



    "Death Wish 2"                 movie: {? ? ? ?}                       movie: {? ? ? ?}               movie: {? ? ? ?}  

   online: ClipBV.mpg           online: ClipCA.mpg            online: ClipCD.mpg       online: ClipCG.mpg  



          movie: {? ? ? ?}                 movie: {? ? ? ?}                 "A Dirty Western"             

   online: ClipCH.mpg             online: ClipCK.mpg             online: ClipCM.mpg      



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